GrubTerra Innovates Sustainable Livestock Feed with Upcycled Food Scraps

Chester, New Jersey, United States, 10th May 2024 – GrubTerra, a leader in sustainable agriculture, is revolutionizing the way we think about livestock feed and waste management. Utilizing an innovative process that transforms food scraps into nutrient-rich feed through black soldier fly larvae, GrubTerra is committed to significantly reducing landfill waste while providing high-quality feed solutions for a variety of animals.

Transforming Waste into Resource
At the heart of GrubTerra’s operations is the black soldier fly larvae, known for their ability to quickly convert organic waste into a protein-rich feed alternative. This process is highly efficient: for every pound of dried larvae produced, approximately 20 pounds of food waste are diverted from landfills. This not only surpasses the nutritional value of traditional feeds with higher calcium content but also supports healthier livestock with benefits such as stronger eggshells and enhanced feather growth.

Global Impact with Local Focus
GrubTerra responsibly sources its larvae from farms in the United States, Canada, Indonesia, and Costa Rica, emphasizing support for local economies and small-scale agriculture. This global network enables the efficient upcycling of local food waste, reducing the volume of organic waste in landfills, minimizing methane emissions, and fostering a more sustainable ecosystem worldwide.

Reducing Methane Emissions
Food waste in landfills decomposes anaerobically, producing methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes significantly to global warming. By diverting 20 pounds of food waste for each pound of larvae produced, GrubTerra plays a crucial role in cutting methane emissions, thus combating climate change and promoting environmental sustainability.

Featured Products

  • GrubTerra Dried Larvae for Chickens: Sustainably raised to offer a balanced diet, enhancing egg quality and feather health without the use of preservatives or additives.
  • GrubTerra Fresh Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Reptiles: Provides a safe and nourishing substrate for reptiles, delivered in sustainable packaging equipped for all climates.
  • GrubTerra Dog Treats: A preservative-free, nutrient-rich treat option produced in the USA, these freeze-dried treats are designed for freshness and ease of use.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability
GrubTerra maintains stringent quality controls throughout the farming process, carefully monitoring diet, habitat, and the health of the larvae. Harvested at their nutritional peak, these larvae are then processed and packaged with the utmost care to ensure they reach consumers in optimal condition. Our efficient logistics guarantee that most orders are delivered within seven days, featuring fresh larvae and eco-friendly packaging.

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About GrubTerra
GrubTerra is a social impact company dedicated to creating sustainable, eco-friendly feed solutions by upcycling food waste. With a commitment to reducing environmental impact and enhancing global food security, GrubTerra represents the forefront of sustainable agricultural practices.


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