Better Walks Ahead: FIDA AutoBrake Leash Delivers Unmatched Performance


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United States, 7th May 2024, King NewsWireSPACE 4 PETS INC (Fida Pet) is thrilled to share the exceptional performance of its flagship product, the FIDA AutoBrake leash, as highlighted by a satisfied customer.

“After incorporating the FIDA AutoBrake leash into our daily routine for the past month, I can confidently assert its value—it’s truly worth it,” enthused the customer. This testimonial provides insight into the transformative experience of walking a 1.5-year-old hunting-breed dog, weighing over 65 lbs., who cannot be trusted off-leash.

Available in XL size, the FIDA AutoBrake leash has surpassed expectations in both durability and functionality. Despite enduring rigorous use, including encounters with trees, rocks, and underbrush, the leash remains pristine. Its nylon construction showcases remarkable resilience, withstanding even the occasional chew from a mischievous pup without significant damage.

“The handle’s sustainable comfort is truly remarkable, even during extended walks,” remarked the customer. Grip stability remains uncompromised, even in hot weather conditions when sweaty palms might otherwise pose a threat. The Auto Break System provides added control, offering a brief extension when the dog pulls with full force, allowing the handler to swiftly regain control.




The leash’s design promotes a sense of freedom for the dog while ensuring handler control, making walks enjoyable for both parties. Its extended length facilitates exploration without compromising safety, thanks to the “stay” command.

Founder of Fida, Will, shared the inspiration behind the leash’s creation, recalling a moment when his own dog’s sudden pull resulted in a strained arm and an injured pet. Despite consulting numerous animal experts and behavior specialists, Will found no clear solution to minimize the risk of injuries during walks. This prompted him to develop the Fida AutoBrake leash, integrating ABS technology from the automobile industry to provide a safer retractable leash option.

“When a dog runs suddenly, its neck can suffer from difficulty breathing, gagging, and skin abrasions,” explained Will. “Burst behavior can lead to safety risks for both pets and owners.” After three years of research and development, the Fida AutoBrake leash has proven effective in reducing burst behavior in dogs, promoting safer and more comfortable walks for pets and their families.

Keith, a representative from SPACE 4 PETS INC, expressed enthusiasm for the leash’s impact. “We are committed to building a safe and comfortable world for pets and their families,” said Keith. “The FIDA AutoBrake leash is a testament to that commitment.”

As pet ownership continues to rise, the demand for reliable pet accessories has reached an all-time high. The FIDA AutoBrake leash stands out in the market for its unparalleled durability and user-friendly features, providing peace of mind to pet owners during walks.



SPACE 4 PETS INC remains dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction, striving to exceed expectations with every product release. For more information about the FIDA AutoBrake leash and other products, please visit Fida Pet’s website.

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